Digital Receipts

Sending a Digital Receipt

In uniCenta oPOS, create a new sale in the usual way.

Pay-off the ticket off (payment type is not important to the digital receipt process).

Take special note of the printer icon in the lower left corner of uniCenta oPOS Payment screen. If its colour is magenta it means a receipt will not be printed to the local printer.
Remember, you can choose to print a locale paper receipt or not yet still send a posApps Digital Receipt

Add Customer email

You’re now ready to send a digital receipt to your customer

Ask the customer for an email address they wish the digital receipt to be sent to and click Send.

If you use the Customer module in uniCenta oPOS
Assign the sale to a Customer and posApps Digital Receipt will use their email address automatically.

No more effort is needed other than to touch the Send button.

The posApps client window will automatically close and you are ready to continue with uniCenta oPOS

A digital copy is instantly created in exactly the same format and content as if printed to a receipt printer and then sent to our posApps server. The customer is immediately sent a true facsimile receipt image.
That same receipt is then available online via the posApps Portal to access and view at any time.
All of this happens in seconds.

Viewing a receipt

This is an actual copy of a generated posApps Digital Receipt


The receipt is .png format
Size 27KB



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