Card Payments


In uniCenta oPOS complete the sale as usual then select Card from the Payment form’s payment type tab.


A series of helpful information messages are displayed on screen as posApps steps through the card payment process.
The messages will vary depending on which card payment processor you have.

Making sure the card payment terminal is available and ready for a new transaction.

All is OK with the card payment terminal. posApps sends payment information from uniCenta oPOS

The card payment terminal starts communicating with the payment gateway.

All OK. The payment gateway recognizes the card payment terminal and the merchant’s credentials as valid.

Customer PIN required – this notification does not display if NFC touch or card swipe is used.

The card payment request is being processed.

Card payment is accepted and completed.

Customer removes card.

posApps Manager will close and returns to the uniCenta oPOS Sales screen ready for a new sale.



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