What is posApps Plugin Manager?

posApps Plugin Manager is our lightweight application plugin for Point Of Sale (POS) applications which centrally controls our range of plugins; Digital Receipts and Card Payments.

What is posApps Digital Receipt?

posApps Digital Receipt sends a true copy by email of a receipt just like the one you would print to your POS printer.

What is posApps Card Payments?

posApps Card Payments enables a Merchant to accept Credit & Debit cards as a method of payment.

What is posApps REST API?

posApps REST API uses webservices which allow you to connect your Point Of Sale system to external applications.

Which POS systems?

Our first release (naturally) is for our very own  uniCenta oPOS Point Of Sale. Get in touch  info@posapps.io if you want to talk about integrating our service into your POS. We also offer a White label service.

What does it run on?

One half, the posApps Plugin Manager client, runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X desktops  and the other side is one of those fancy Cloud based Software as a Service applications you’ve probably heard of. In fact truth is we’re more a Platform as a Service.

What does it cost?

Our pricing plan for Digital Receipts is based on a per calendar month subscription See our Pricing here
You do not need to subscribe to a plan if all you need is Card Payments. You do still need to Register though.

Can I carry-over unused receipt Sends?

In a word; No. A plan’s monthly Send counter is reset to zero on your subscription renewal date.

What happens if I Upgrade my plan?

If you upgrade on your existing plan’s renewal date you get that plan’s Send quota. Any other time we calculate your balance and credit it to your new plan. Your new plan starts straight away. Your subscription renewal date stays the same.
So, switching plans mid-way means I could possibly get a big bunch of Sends for free. Right? It sure does. Just call us generous.

What happens if I Downgrade?

If you downgrade on your plan’s renewal date you get that plan’s Send quota. If you want to downgrade mid-term but have used more Sends than that plans Maximum your current plan continues until the next renewal date.

What happens if I exceed my current plan’s Maximum?

If we see you’re getting close to your plan’s Maximum quota we’ll let you know in good time and encourage you to upgrade to the next plan.
If you don’t/won’t/can’t move up for whatever reason then simply put; your limit is your limit.

How quickly is a posApps Digital Receipt sent?

From us – almost instantly. For the Customer – it depends on how quickly they can access their email.

There are lots of free Email providers so why do you charge?

We provide the complete platform. The Client app’; an Email service – you don’t need one to use us by the way as it’s all taken care of for you – and you get on-Demand Analytics. Quite soon we’ll provide a powerful API (this is for you techies so you can integrate with other  systems).

Can my Customer have a printed receipt as well?

Yes. Provide one or the other, or both. Your choice! This is important to remember as our digital receipt is an exact copy of what you see coming out of your POS printer. Our receipts are not HTML rendered like other providers just so they can look pretty on a smartphone and what’s more they don’t carry any advertising! WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

What size is a digital receipt?

Printed out; pretty much the same size as a printed receipt. Storage; on our servers so don’t worry about it; For a Customer; a few kilobytes per receipt.

What data of mine do you keep?

Only those that allow us to maintain your account. Please read our Privacy Policy.

What Customer data do you keep?

Only the email address that you supply so we can send or resend the receipt to them.

So is all this data safe?

It would be daft to say any internet service is 100% safe. So we won’t. As far as we know we are as safe as we can be at the moment. We store receipt images digitally, use https on our pages, a digital certificate from a top European provider and the #1 global email delivery provider used by the likes of Pinterest to despatch the digital receipt.

How up-to-date are my Analytics?

They’re in real time, not batch. You get to see what’s happening in the here and now.

Any special requirements to access my Analytics?

Nope. See them when and where you like. Analytics are web based and can be accessed 24×7. All you need is a device with a browser.

Do you have an API?

Yes we do. For more information email us at info@posapps.io

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Send an email to info@posapps.io