posApps Digital Receipts is not just about cutting the cost of printed receipts.
You get the power to analyse valuable business metrics seamlessly and in real-time with no extra effort.
Build customer loyalty and extend engagement with your customers way beyond the confines of your store.

Built-in and ready to go

Already included in every uniCenta oPOS version since 3.91

Unlike most other digital receipt solutions ours is available to any Windows, Linux and Mac OS X user because it is tightly integrated with uniCenta oPOS.

Cutting paper costs and eliminating storage of expensive receipt paper are just a couple of the obvious and immediate benefits. But that’s not all…

posApps Digital Receipts is quick. ┬áIt only takes a single button click to send a receipt if you have your customer’s email address.

True receipt image

Our receipts are WYSIWYG a term from yesteryear
and it couldn’t be more true.

Reinforce your “brand“. posApps Digital Receipts carry only the messages you want your customers to see. There is no clutter of advertisements from other companies you’ve never heard of.

A customer’s receipt, and yours too, is an exact copy as the one printed from your receipt printer.
posApps Digital Receipts are perhaps the most secure, accurate and tamper-proof digital receipt available.

You are in full control of what content is included on receipts from within uniCenta oPOS

Management Portal

Access any time and anywhere from your desktop or mobile phone with a web browser.

Our Management Portal is hosted in the Cloud and accessible from any device you choose that has a web browser and an internet connection.

Recall and review whole receipts quickly and easily. Get an at a glance overview or drill right down into the heart of a receipt’s Categories, Products and when sold.

The only data we store is the posApps Digital Receipt image. A customers email address is never stored and only used to send the receipt to them.