Digital Receipts

  Digital Receipts

posApps Digital Receipt is a plugin app’ that’s not just about cutting the costs of printed receipts.
It also brings you the power to analyse valuable business metrics over time and could extend engagement with your customers way beyond the confines of your store and…

  You get…

  • An easy to install POS plug-in app’ that’s lightweight, runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and doesn’t stop you printing a normal receipt.
  • The opportunity to cut costs, reduce pre-ordering, paying additional freight or tying up your money to store boxes of expensive receipt paper.
  • To put your “brand in the hand” of your Customers ; not one surrounded by advertisements from other companies you’ve never even heard of.
  • To innovate, differentiate and steal the lead from your competitors in minutes for only a small monthly cost.

  A Management portal…

  • In the Cloud which is always available wherever you may be and is accessible from any device you choose that has a web browser.
  • Showing real-time, at a glance analytics of sales values that drill right down into the heart of a receipt’s categories, products and when it was sold.
  • That will continually improve as we add more value-for-money features whilst silently building valuable analytical data for you. You can leave the tech’ to us.
  • Which will let you recall actual copies of every receipt issued at the point of sale.

  Privacy & Security…

  • As only minimal personal data is needed to manage and run your account.
  • Because we use the same platform as the world’s leading eCommerce provider.
  • By using an https security certificate on our site from one of Europe’s top providers.
  • With continuous, rolling Backups of data and digital receipt images.
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